Case Studies Contractor Management System

Web & Mobile Application

Client: ECOLAB

Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. The world’s leading provider of water treatment and process improvements.

Case Study Details

Brief about requirement:

Ecolab Konnagar West Bengal Unit were looking for a solution where they can track various identities in and out from their facility like daily work force including contractual labor, vehicles, vendors, material. Along with the daily attendance of employee, they were also looking for a kiosk which facilitates the employee to apply their leave from there.

Solution :

We had conducted a comprehensive onsite assessment of campus and designed a integrated system to deliver enhanced experience to our customer. We have deployed Browser based application which can accessible from different departments and integrated with their existing attendance device . A android based kiosk was also installed where the employee's can apply leave. Administrative module assigns the rights available to employees based on their requirement.

How it Works:

a. Entry & Exit Module : Registered employees will get in and out through the gate Biometric access.
b.Visitor/Vendor/ Transporter : Capture of visitor information using webcam, the tasks that can be performed Include capturing visitor photo. The system shall support recalling previous visit information (including pictures) when a visitor revisits. Visitor authorization, like OTP verification, Confirmation from Host prior to printing a badge and notify host arrival by e-mail messages , SMS to mapped Manager's.
C.Leave Management module: Employees can apply leave application on employee portal or on Kiosk ,check the applied leave status and the Leave Balance, view the list of holidays offered by the company and get get SMS alerts while approval or rejection. Assigned managers get the quick view on their dashboard from where they can Can Approve/reject leave request,create/delete/update user's account, view attendance report of employee tagged with him/her, get SMS/Email alerts on Leave application request.