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Customer Loyalty Program

Loyalty rewards are one ways to boost customer retention and create repeat buyers. Our loyalty Platform makes it easy to launch your own rewards program and manage everything from customer enrollment, set rules for earn & burn, generate discount coupon, gifts, bonus points and etc.


Offer line-item discounts, invoice-level discounts, Buy One Get One (BOGO) type of discounts and much more through the flexible Meghdut Promo Engine and deploy them seamlessly as required across your various Points of Commerce (PoC)


As they say…” the act of gifting is worth much more than the gift itself”. Create and offer attractive gifts to wow your customers!


Coupons are a ‘branded’ way of offering discounts as opposed to run-off-the-mill discounts. Meghdut allows you to create and implement customized and automated coupon-based discounts. Let you customers get ‘hooked’ to your coupons .


Let the games begin! Gamification marketing involves incorporating gaming elements into a non-gaming context to improve engagement levels and encourage users to take specific purchase actions. The Meghdut platform enables you to set up games and contests like Spin-the-Wheel, Scratch Card and Board games to bring excitement to customer engagement.

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