Case Studies Web Based Solution

Web Based Solution for an enterprise, working for Generating fair and dignified livelihood for home based caregivers through organizing, skill training and employment linkages.

Client: Maitri Livelihood Services Pvt. Ltd.

Maitri was founded by Gitali Thakur a prominent development sector professional from Assam in 2010. Maitri's Flagship initiative "Sahayika" (Caregiver), empowers domestic workers while responding to the needs of urban households seeking skilled, regular and trustworthy domestic help. The Core solution lies in improving the employability and the earning potential of Sahayikas by training them on relevant skills and their rights, while providing them with regular organizational support.

Case Study Details

Brief About Requirement

Maitri was seeking to grow their business. They had regularly conducted outreach programme to reach to the prospective caregivers and let them understand about their services. They conduct sahayikas soft skill training, evaluate them and provide OJT, on successful OJT they match the sahayika with customer requirement and share a entire portfolio of Shahaika to prospect customer along with their basic information and training evaluation. They were using different spreadsheets to store customer details and leads and making several calenders to remind them when task were due. Customers service team had to handle hundreds of phone calls from customers about their services as well as new requirements and feed them in spreadsheets. Several other desktop application are involved in customer invoicing and proposals. The managers were conducting periodical meetings with Sahayika and Employer to understand their concern and prepare reports on word.

As the company expanded, its founders realised they had outgrown their current setup of using many different tools to run their business. They were looking for a cloud based Enterprise solution that can streamline their day to day business process


Designing, Development and Implementation of Cloud Based Application which covers the entire business process of Maitri Livelihood starts from Outreach Programme, Training schedule and evalution of Trainee, Placement and Post Placement module like customer care and billing etc.


After a thorough discussion and gaining insights of Maitri's systems and needs, Syspedia Carried a approach to deliver a system that would help to manage both important entities of system i.e Sahayika and Employer entire lifecycle at every stage.

SYSTEM Feature:

The system integrates internal and external management information across the organization like Outreach Plan to understand the visit report, Training module to Enroll, registration, verification, issuance of training certificate, enquiry management system to create enquiry, customer registration, fees and placement and post placement management to prioritize its most crucial tasks effectively and to organise every customer inquiry in a single, universally-accessible dashboard, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. The system will automate these activities with an integrated software application with the purpose to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions.

Unified View

Everyone would have unified view of both customer and Sahaiyka which mean greater efficiency and transparency across all departments.

Powerful Serach Engine

Easy Search employability criteria and Matching with Employer requirement. Search Sahayika available for employment by matching various key words provided in customer registration form.

Reducing Friction Across Marketing, Services and Sales

Information are available on dashboard to set up the targeted calls-to-action, forms and workflows in a place. customer service team prioritize its most crucial tasks effectively and to organize every customer inquiry in a single, universally-accessible dashboard, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. This helps create a frictionless experience for every customer whether they need support via phone or email and walk-in. Everyone has all the information at their fingertips; they don't have to go and ask for it anymore. The result is a frictionless customer experience..